by | Aug 8, 2017 | 0 comments (and Canva app) is a superb product kicked off by Aussie Girl Melanie Perkins from WA (check her awesome story here ) It is great for creating content and layouts of all sorts and also for getting inspiration and design ideas. Canva genuinely allows noon graphic designers to create personal designs they can be really proud of. It allows “log in with Google” which is great for not having to remember another password and also great for schools with Google accounts as students can log in with school username and password.

Browser and apps:

Canva and has rich apps for iOS and android. The bbrowser version on a computer is even more powerful with more options including widescreen and trifold brochures.(NOTE: still not supported in Safri or Chrome apps even in desktop mode as of 8/817)

Bringing Haikus and poems to life:

Recently year 8 was doing an exercise on creating Haikus. Adding Canva into the mix brought their Haiku’s to life and subsequently, we saw students going back to improve their product as it was going to be a poster on the wall and shared in their Learning Management System. Here is an example of a Haiku done by a staff member while working on the exercise.


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