Airdrop is a fantastic tool for transferring content between Apple devices including large files and content from Apps. Devices at each end need to be awake and have AirDrop set so that users can connect with each other. AirDrop will then appear as an option for sharing.

AirDrop needs to be discoverable

AirDrop needs to be discoverable

AirDrop in class:

AirDrop is a fantastic tool but can be a huge distraction if misused. To minimize inappropriate use we recommend the following guidelines.

  • Airdrop must be OFF UNTIL NEEDED. This is so that you don’t get distracted while you are concentrating on something else.
  • Devices MUST be named appropriately and have the users name as part of it. NOTE: Having a device named with someone else’s name needs to be followed up firmly.

Misuse of AirDrop (and follow up):

If something is airdropped to someone inappropriately, then they need to screenshot their page and refer it to their teacher for follow up. The teacher may then ask for all students to black screen and put their devices on desks. A teacher can then go to the offender and check their device name and see if the material has come from them (go to >setting >about to see the name on devices) Inappropriate use can then be followed up in line with the discipline policy of the school.