We have trialled and tested a number of accessories and resources that can be used in the classroom. this page is a place to pull some of those findings together.

Tripod Mounts:
These make a massive difference for filming. We wanted a mount that was not limited to just one model of iPad or Tablet. These have worked well for us for under $20.  Note: the case has to be taken off and care must be made to make sure all is tightly secured.

Soft Lights: these make a massive difference to the finished product for video and photography. The best are the ones with 1 x 135W bulb. We reinforced the screw head before use with Gaffa tape and we had them tag tested for our own peace of mind even though they are not earthed.  Get 3 x soft box lights for $105!! Note: The store we bought ours from no longer stocks them. If out of stock then search for 135W soft light.

Portable Backdrop frame:
Backdrop Adjustable Stand in a number of sizes 2m x 3m for around $36 and 10 clips for around $23

Green Screen Sheets:
The green sheet is great for draping and for using on a background stand it comes in a couple of sizes. 6m x 3m Muslin Green cloth for around $40 and 3m x 3.6m Muslin Green cloth for around $30 NOTE: you can get black or white as well for the same price

help bounce the light around to get the best lighting. We bought two 110cm 5 in 1 reflectors with handles for around $30.

We gave each student in years 5,6 and 7 a stylus and bought class sets as well. These ones did the job nicely and were cheap as chips! We bought 600 for $160 but the price varies with what deal they have on at the time. Buy 2 packs get 1 pack free 30 styluses for around $9. Note: expect around 10% that the tip falls out.

We trialled a number of lenses to clip onto tablets, iPads or phones. The best were from with an impressive kit of three lenses for GoPro style (very good), Macro (very cool) and Fisheye (hmmmm!) 3 lens kit for around $30