I found this session really useful and helpful for my iPad. My OneDrive was all over the shop but the one period in the library helped me with my organisation. I also learned to access my documents on other devices, such as the school computers. I enjoyed learning about collaboration in Word and I look forward to using it for future group research or writing tasks.

Finley E

Student - Year 7

There has been some great work being done with Office365 applications and we wanted to touch base with all year 7, 8 and 9 to make sure everyone “is on the same page”. So far we have worked with all (but one) year 7 and 8 English classes and we have year 9 to do in weeks 1 and 2 of Term 4 as they have been away on camp.


We had a number of goals:

  • consistency in saving and backing up files and folders
  • to organise Onedrive to have all files and folders in order
  • to explore best practice in editing documents on iPads and other devices including accessing all files and folders on other devices
  • to set OneDrive to be a part of Schoology resources for easy and consistent submission of tasks
  • to collaborate answering questions in the current topic in English classes
  • to answer and questions
OneDrive Setup and Consistency:

The importance of saving files and folders in a safe and organised way cannot be understated. While using iPads it is important that the apps are all talking to each other and then that users also know how to access their files and folders on other devices. Within OneDrive, students had the opportunity to add folders, moved files into folders and deleted content that needed to be cleaned up.

OneDrive is backed up and accessible across devices as well as the web (In our case through portal.sacs.nsw.edu.au)

Edits in Word:

We discussed the pros and cons of the Word app vs software vs the Browser and then extended our use of Word with inserting links and better use of title and heading hierarchy.

Uploading to Schoology:

Schoology is our Learning Management System and up to now most students have been using “open in” Schoology when submitting assignments. We wanted a better work flow where students were saving first and THEN navigating to this folder from within the assignment in Schoology. To do this we added OneDrive as a resource and then we “submit from resources” and can see our whole OneDrive folder.


Our goals with collaboration were to get everyone on the same page and to collaborate answering questions in the current topic in English classes. We firstly looked at collaboration and how it could be used for learning then we looked at how we could best collaborate particularly focussing on working in the browser when live edits are concerned. the Experience on the iPad is still not the best as the chat functionality does not work int he browser but it is improving all the time.

Closing Comments:

The sessions have been well received and it has been great to know that all of our stage 4 students are consistently and safely saving their work and submitting to Schoology. We look forward to extending on the collaboration elements and to seeing how this can enrich and enable great learning with our students.


We would love to hear your thoughts . . ...