As part of the embedding iPad skills work we have been working with Stage 2 (years 3 and 4). the first session we had was working with files folders, saving and accessing content. We made sure our OneDrive accounts were in order and then created documents and saved them in folders.

Explain Everything with Stage 2:

It was a pretty huge group today with all the year 3 and 4 classes working together in the open space at the same time but the engagement with the students and staff was awesome and a lot of ground was covered. We look forward to seeing the work that will be created with the new skills.

Overview of the session:

Stage Two has been working on “Our Natural Environment” and part of the current task is to create a slideshow or clip to run with their individual presentations. We chose “Explain Everything” App as our tool with the ability to add interaction, annotation, narration and text to content. (Check out our Explain Everything page for all things Explain Everything!)
The session started with a quick overview of what was ahead with a look at the slides we were going to be working with, how we were going to download the projects to get started and then what we would like to have done at the end.
Getting Started:
We had a quick overview of what Explain Everything is, what is does and where we want to go. We demonstrated and talked of the meaning of interaction, annotation, narration and adding text.
The key to the session is to share a project with the students so they can “hit the ground running” We shared the session with the students via a QR Code (we choose to open QR codes with i-nigma app) Students then “open in” or “copy to” Explain Everything and Voila!!! they have the project and are ready to test out the features. NOTE: sharing a project allows stimulus material to be
NOTE: sharing a project allows stimulus material to be collected ready to roll, also good practice can be modeled with design including intro slides, credits slide, locked content and interactive components and place cards for content. Read more on our Explain Everything page.
Here is the QR code to the project we shared. Click for a larger image.

Working through the features of Explain Everything:

We wanted to highlight some of the features of Explain Everything and get our students to be able to save their first clip tot he camera roll.

TASK 1: Using tools
  • change the text on slide 1 to add names with typed content
  • change the text on slide 1 to add names with written (annotated) content
  • Experiment with changing features of tools, pen thickness, colour etc
TASK 2: layering and locking:
  • On slide two click on “i” and then Nemo to rearrange it so it is front of text. Experiment with layering.
  • What makes Nemo and Dory stay the same size, Experiment with locking.
TASK 3: Adding, moving and duplicating slides with the “slide sorter”
  • Moving slides, duplicating, deleting slides
TASK 4: Adding narration and interaction and saving as video
  • Using the laser pointer and movement
  • Recording and Rerecording

Lots of great questions and examples.  We shared different students screens to the projector and they helped each other.

TASK 5: Saving video
  • Exporting your finished video – all slides or just a few onto camera roll.

There were also a heap of other things we hit on in the process. Deleting, undoing saving etc etc etc


We would love to hear your thoughts . . ...