Why YouTube for Flipping?

Whether you are creating your own content or using content created by someone else, YouTube is a great place to start. There are other video servers which your school may have access to, including Click View however there are many ‘perks’ to using YouTube:

  • Students are familiar with the interface and are more likely to use YouTube as it is something they already use in their every day lives
  • Accounts are free and easy to set up
  • Easily compartmentalise your videos for ease of both your students and you
  • Search, like and save videos
  • Follow other accounts which are of interest to you
  • Easily embed videos into OneNote and learning management systems
  • Parents can follow your account, they too can receive notifications when videos are uploaded so they can help their child with their homework and revision
  • Your videos can be accessed from any device (when connected to the internet)

Some may argue that once content is on YouTube, anyone can access it – this is true. However part of learning and improving teaching and learning is to share ideas and content to promote a growth mindset. Its quite rewarding when your subscribers and site visits grow.

Creating a YouTube Account

Creating a YouTube account is easy…


  1. If you already have a Gmail account you can sign in with your Gmail login
  2. If you don’t have a Gmail account simply click ‘sign up’ and follow the links

Tips for setting up your account

There are lots of really cool features you can add to your account, however below are some simple ones to get you kick started.

  • Make a name for your channel, rather than using your Gmail name e.g. Smiddy’s Learning Room – The students will have a connection that this is their classroom where their content is stored rather than your personal account that they are following.
  • Create a banner that reflects your classroom (picture at the top of the page) ( I used Notability to make mine)
  • Create play lists to help catergorise your content so that students can easily find videos
  • Make sure that your students subscribe to your channel so that they can be notified when a new video has been uploaded
  • Encourage parents to subscribe to your channel to so that they can support their child’s learning

Putting Videos onto YouTube

Just as it is easy to create a YouTube account – uploading videos is easy too!

  • If ¬†you are using an iPad you can upload videos straight from your camera roll to YouTube
  • If you are using a desktop or laptop, select the upload arrow on the top right of the screen and select videos from your preferred location.

When you upload your videos be clear with the titles – if they are part of a series or topic, put the topic first then the name of the video e.g. Core One – Health Status. You can also add tags and categories to your video so that it can be searched using these tags later.