As we entered the final week of our Detective Fiction promotion, lots of students had contributed guesses. Our final video, presented in Middle School Assembly, explained the crime once more and included some of the students telling us who they think murdered Mr Myles-Marrow, before revealing the murdered and motive:


Most students guessed that the coffee had been tampered with, but only 12 correctly guessed that is was Ms Jones (Mr Myles-Marrow’s assistant) who murdered him. We decided early on that we didn’t want a teacher or another student to be the murderer, but most of the students thought it was either Mr Smith or Miss Padgett (or even me!). Our guessing cards were based on a police report, and many students gave detailed descriptions of why they thought the crime had been committed.

Our prize for those students who helped solve the crime was a pizza party for them and a friend, held during lunchtime in the library after the promotion.