The process of examining the crime scene and subsequent evidence was the main focus of this unit, because it taught students the key aspects of Detective Fiction. The evidence we presented and the findings of each is explained below.

The Crime Scene


  • Police tape – used to fence off the crime scene area (initially we were only going to keep the crime scene up for two weeks, but the students liked it so much we kept it up for the whole promotion, as it helped keep the promotion visible)
  • Body outline on the ground in masking tape (students liked forming theories based on the placement of the body)
  • 2 coffee cups (one with lipstick) that belonged to Mr Myles-Marrow and Ms Jones (which the autopsy later revealed that Mr Myles-Marrow’s cup contained traces of poison)
  • Fingerprints/handprints which could be scanned with Aurasma, belonging to Mr Myles-Marrow, various SACS students, and myself
  • Set of staff keys belonging to English teacher Miss Padgett (red herring, that teacher had a class earlier in the library and simply left the keys behind, but many students thought she had committed the crime)
  • Police file including emails prior to the crime, setting up the author visit, and a police statement from Mr Smith explaining what happened on the day of the murder

Evidence released over the next weeks

  • Poster – released the week before the murder, announcing the author visit of Mr Myles-Marrow
  • Video: Harriet Holmes reporting on the crime, presented in Assembly
  • Photo of a SMS from an anonymous disgruntled fan who didn’t like the ending of Mr Myles-Marrow’s last book
  • Blog post on Goodreads about how the ending of Mr MM’s last book was very disappointing
  • Aurasma Video: Mrs Ball talking to the building manager about a strange man showing up in the library
  • Video: Update from Harriet Holmes, presented in Assembly
  • Email conversation by Ms Jones for Mr MM to recommend her own crime novel and him refusing and her replying how disappointed and hurt she feels
  • Coroner’s report: stating that poison had been found in the body of Mr Myles-Marrow
  • Video: Harriet Holmes revealing the killer and motive (available in the next post)

crime-sceneThrough the evidence, you can see how our trail of evidence started at the crime scene with teachers and library staff as the main suspects, then we introduced another suspect, the “crazed fan”, until finally the evidence pointed towards the killer.