In order to solve this crime, Detective Harriet Holmes (played by our Head Librarian Mrs Kemp) was called in to help solve the crime. In collaboration with the Head of Middle School we announced the crime at the Middle School Assembly in Week 5, Term 3:



In the Library, we set up the crime scene and created booklets promoting great detective fiction that tied into our display, bookmarks, and improved our current Crime collection by purchasing new and exciting titles.

20160922_151952Around the school we had posters announcing the murder, and when new evidence was released. This was important as we wanted to reach the students outside the library walls in areas they regularly visit. Middle School classes visit the library every fortnight, so they were all given a chance to examine the crime scene. All middle school students could enter the competition, and the prize was a pizza party in week 9.

On these posters we included photos that worked with the App Aurasma which uses augmented reality to make images come alive with pictures, video and audio. For our crime scene, we had the students use Aurasma to analyse the fingerprints found, with information appearing on their screens about who owned the fingerprints. As more evidence was released, we used Aurasma to share videos related to the case, including security footage and updates from Harriet Holmes. As these “trigger images” were featured on the posters, students could view them wherever they were around the school, after downloading the free Aurasma app, and following sacslibrary to see our content. We also used our SACS Library Facebook and Instagram accounts to promote new evidence.