This term we have had a lot of fun with Middle School, solving the murder of Mr Myles-Marrow, a visiting author who met his untimely demise in SACS Library. In conjunction with the Year 7 unit on Detective Fiction, the Library and English staff worked on a four week promotion that would demonstrate the structure of a detective fiction narrative through a crime scene set up in the library.

The Aims

The aims of this unit were:

  • To increase interest in wide reading of detective fiction beyond the set texts
  • To teach students the main elements of a detective fiction story (e.g. False leads, red herrings, examining evidence)
  • To promote the library crime fiction genre
  • To create a long promotion (four weeks), for two reasons:
    • To give students enough time to participate and examine the evidence on a weekly basis
    • A longer time also helps the promotion gain traction in the midst of everything else going on in the schooladvertising-for-mrMM

The Crime

Mr Frederick Myles-Marrow is a famous youth crime writer, who has been invited to visit SACS Middle School and talk to them about writing crime stories as a part of their English curriculum. When Mr Myles-Marrow arrives, he and his assistant Ms Jones are greeted by Mr Smith, who leads them into the library and gives them coffees. Mr Smith leaves, and a while later Ms Jones screams and calls for help. Mr Myles-Marrow has collapsed, and on closer inspection, he is in fact dead.

Outline of Detection Fiction unit