Year 10 PASS have a project at the moment where they have to present and showcase content. They have the option of producing a presentation, a handout, a clip or some web content.

There are a huge number of options for this and this post is pulling together a number of ideas to get a feel of what is possible before choosing an option or fine-tuning content that has already been created.

Presentation Basics:

Simply put, whatever choice of presentation or outcome you are working at, keep it clean, consistent and simple. Draw attention to the content that is important and avoid distractive elements. There ae many great features that can be used in presentations but use them only when they enhance the content. Bad content is bad content regardless of what output you choose but good content can become bad with bad choices!

SOME Great Options For Creating Content:335AC8D9-F6AB-4D7F-A52C-BF8E6CA68CEFOn iPads and Phones

There are great options for graphics, presentations, posters and clips. Using a few tools together can give you the best outputs. ie “App Smashing” Some great app options to explore are Snapseed for graphic edits to make consistent graphics across your presentation. Green screen by Doink for options to superimpose yourself and interact live! Also try creating clean slides in KeyNote and screen shotting them for titles in iMovie.

Web Content Options:

Complete websites can be created as a showcase for something but there are a number of amazing options for creating single page interactive web-based content that can be shared via a link. Some of the leading options for this are:

Sway by Microsoft – You can log in with your school account. Check out our Sway page.

Adobe Spark – Used to be called Adobe Slate but it is seriously good to and you can log in with an adobe, Google or FaceBook Account. Check out this page from when it was called Slate.

Powtoon as a Chrome add on: is very cool for creating animations that can be used within your presentations or for the whole presentation. Check

Software Options:

if you are using a laptop then using iMovie or similar simple video editing programs well including features like greens creening that can happen when you drop one clip on top of another and choose the option to green/blue screen. (Try it it is pretty cool) Again creating nice graphic slides in keynote, powerpoint or any graphic editing bit of gear can give you a lot nicer transitions and titles.

If you want to go the whole hog then Premiere Pro is seriously amazing. It is used on some feature films and can be used to create serious content. Check the promo video embedded in the page for the for an example of a options that make a neat video. Particularly notice the music and images coming in on the beat. PS the music was made in GarageBand on an iPad!!