Content Creation For Learning – TeachMeet presentation at Edutech Conference
Presented by Rolfe Kolbe @rolfek


I personally believe that students learn more effectively when they are content creators.

Creating content builds better engagement, more enjoyment of the work as well as pride in work and memorable relevant outcomes. Creating content brings into focus a demonstration of understanding as you need to know the work to be able to explain it.

Creating content generally leads to deeper learning which is great for “the test in twenty years” or even for the recall the next time the content is needed.

There is, of course, a great bonus for everyone in that we end up with personalised, reusable resources.

But a big product of content creation that excites me personally is that creating content usually enables and encourages Creativity.

What does the research say?

There are lots of great articles that herald the merits of content creation for learning. One that popped onto my Twitter stream in the last week was from Jenny Kemp – Head of Library Services at SACS :

The article was titled “What a Decade of Education Research Tells Us About Technology in the Hands of Underserved Students” 16 May 2016, Author: Molly B. Zielezinski (@mollybullock) (read more …)

In her post, Molly gives five tips as a good starting point for using technology effectively. Two of these were particularly relevant to the significance of creating content:

Her first “Actionable Tip” highlights the need to engage students with authentic tasks:

Stop using technology for remediation! Instead of using technology to drill kids on grade level standards, use it to help students engage in authentic tasks—those that are grounded in relevant ongoing work that has some purpose beyond the immediate completion of the activity.” Read more

Molly then goes on to be more specific, referring to the need to create content for learning:

Let students create original digital content: Give students opportunities to be content creators rather than content consumers. Content creation— when done well—allows students to communicate their own ideas creatively. Read more.

Ways of Creating Content:

We have highlighted some merits of embracing and running with content creation so let’s explore what is possible and some good tools to enable this.

First up there are lots of ways of creating content including options for:

  • App and software creations
  • Online creations
  • Physical content creations
  • Game based creations
  • Non-Techy content creations

The opportunities and means for creating content get better every day and options are so much more accessible and outputs are awesome!

Some examples of content creation that can enhance and enrich learning:

We certainly are in exciting times with super opportunities for creating content and creating good content at that.


SOME types of content that can really enhance learning that we are aiming for include:

  • Presentations
  • Graphics/posters
  • Movies
  • Websites, blogs, wikis
  • Audio tracks
  • Physical content
  • Software apps games
  • Etc etc etc etc!

Getting There – Tools and Resources:

So many people willingly share and help via blogs and websites. Developing a Professional Learning Network (PLN) as a teacher on Twitter or Facebook or similar can be a rich and invaluable experience. Learn from others, test and learn “stuff” yourself and think about how the skills you learn can be used to enhance and extend learning. Resources – Whoohooo!

We enjoy sharing our professional learning and techniques on this blog and it is growing as we test and trial more and then document and share our learning.

A big focus for us has been to authentically use iPads to enhance and enrich learning and we spent a lot of time looking at what tools and techniques we needed to embed into the learning so that we not only learnt the tool but also enhanced the learning within topic areas. The goal is that students and staff will have a rich toolbox that can then be drawn on for creating content in all subjects.

** An Overall Outline for embedding iPad tools in learning for years 5-7 can be seen on the Embedding iPad tools for learning page.

SOME examples of lessons and content that has worked well:

The last few embedding iPad skills session for years 5,6 and 7 have run really well within topics being studied.

Creating eBooks, PDFs, Posters or Videos: In year seven we embedded Book Creator app into LOTE

Explanation Clips: Another great lesson was creating short clips for year 7 angles topic in Mathematics using Explain Everything App.

There are many other examples of creating content around the site so have an explore. The posts have tips, tricks and resources that were used in the sessions.

The feedback from students and staff has been really good and hopefully we start to see these skills popping up embedded into all sorts of tasks from all sorts of subjects.

We hope you found this material helpful and we would love to hear from you in if have or if you see anything missing or anything that could be better.

Enjoy and stay tuned!