Continuing with the goal of embedding iPad skills into content with consistency across the year group we moved onto Explain Everything creating explanation videos for the Angles topic in Maths = Powerful stuff! This was done as one of our embedding iPad skills sessions with yr 7.

Explain Everything is one of the best apps for content creation with the ability to create clips while recording narration, interaction, annotation and more! The power and options for Explain Everything are immense. Creating content quickly within one lesson is very doable!

We had thought a lot about the best way to go about the session to allow existing users to be able to extend as well as new users to be able to see the full feature set. The angles topic in maths was ideal as we were able to show a demonstration of Explain Everything options while covering the recap of earlier work and sowing the seed for some of what could have been done.

An example video made with Explain Everything:

This little video was used as the intro to the topic with work completed up until now. It also acted as an example of content we will create in Explain Everything!

Explore and Practical – with a project ready for magic!:

Next up we explored options in Explain Everything and we found this progression worked really well.

  • 10 minutes – EXPLORE – open the app, open a new project and get familiar with the tools by trying stuff out inserting content, annotating, adding text, moving content, recording audio and interactions.
  • 5 minutes – ADJUSTING SETTINGS – Go back tot he home menu, go to settings, in export choose 1920×1080 and show guides – this exports as Widescreen HD and only the stuff between the red guides will be exported. We also went to settings>record and turned the option for “show MIC MUTE button”
  • 25 minutes – OPEN THE EXISTING PROJECT AND GO FOR IT – this is the cool stuff. Realistically Explain Everything projects are rarely created from scratch you are best to open an existing presentation like a PowerPoint into EE or create project from screenshots OR even better open a project with everything ready to go VOILA! Here is a project to open in Explain Everything with all the resources ready to go for your masterpiece!!!
    ***DOWNLOAD and “open in” explain Everything – Angles Intro Explain Everything Project on OneDrive – OR via dropbox
  • 5 Minutes – EXPORT YOUR PROJECT AS A CLIP – There are lots of options for exporting your project saving to your camera roll is a great option just leave some time for this as it can take a little while.



The sessions were a great learning experience and the outcomes in one short session were encouraging. We look forward to see this used in many other subjects. Add ¬†abit of creativity and some “App smashing” (using multiple apps together) and the outcomes can be amazing!! Explain Everything is a SUPERB app and the options for creating content are very powerful. The product is available on iDevices as well as Android, Windows and on the Chrome store.

Make sure you visit our Explain Everything Page for more details on the app with tips and tricks and ideas for learning.