Book Creator App was chosen as the second session in the “Embedding iPad skills and focuses” progression for year 7. As with all of the focusses we are trying to build them into content currently being studied. The LOTE department were already working through content that lent itself really nicely to creating books with year seven in Spanish, Mandarin and French.

The classes were doing an exercise on “identity” and Book creator allowed the chance to build great personalised content with text, photos, annotation, and audio. The classes enjoyed the exercises and the outcomes were super, with many obligatory comic strip pages that Book Creator does so well.

Sessions were differentiated so that students that had never used it before got to see the full feature set while those that were already “au fait” with the app were extended on to do more with graphics and page layout elements including unlocking panels of comic book panel pages and better layering of content.

Examples of printed books were also given and information with tips on how to make them work well. The links take a while to open in the printed books (still waiting) and embedded audio was a bit quite too! hehe!

The Real Nitty Gritty!

All of the content covered in the session is contained in the Book Creator page INCLUDING some bonus teacher tips on a good progression for covering all the features of Book Creator in one lesson!

In Summary:

Students responded really well and the outcomes were great. We look forward to seeing this skill demonstrated in many other subjects and topics. this app is superb and is also available as a Windows and Android app. Exciting stuff.

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