We have been learning about different methods of transportation in China and how to tell the time. There are different ways to tell the time in China and it’s important to be able to say what time it really is! We have learnt how to say what time a particular mode of public transport is leaving, what time we get to school and how we get to school.

The unit has been fun because we have been watching clips from YouTube to try and understand some of the cultural background of the language we are learning. I found a few clips that tourists have made of themselves catching public transport. We’ve even seen someone catching the train in Shenzhen! We have watched a clip on the sports car clubs of Beijing and how teenagers live in China who are wealthier than most. We have learnt about the Chinese musical instrument called the 古筝 or gǔzhēng and I managed to relate this to time by finding a clip on YouTube of a group of gǔzhēng players playing the famous Bill Haley and the Comets’ hit “Rock around the Clock” (which we all remember learning in Year 7 Music. Mrs Haynes misses teaching Music plus that song relates to time!).

Kahoot and Quizizz have been a stable friend (or foe) of our revision thus far and the kids have loved it. It’s very exciting to see kids get excited about quizzes! We had a go with Plickers the other day but it failed – they weren’t reading properly so we just abandoned that. Sometimes it happens!