Statement of inquiry: “Relationships within families are unique and important connections”

Across all of our languages this term we are exploring a unit titled Who are my family?.We are looking at the concept of connections and our global context is identities and relationships.

We have started using the app ThingLink which makes interactive images. Basically, you import a photo and then place red dots on parts of the picture. Simple really! When you see a red dot on the image you know there’s something to read, watch or hear on that part of the photograph.

We have started out with a really simple task. Our teacher showed us a photo of their family with the interactive dots in ThingLink. We learnt through language immersion who each family member was in the teacher’s family then we had to work out what they were saying from the information given. We have learnt how to say the different family members, how to say the verbs “to have” and “not have” and we have been learning new sentence structures to do with including numbers and measure words.

We then had to search for a photograph of our own family, import that to ThingLink, and create our own interactive image. We are going to upload them to Schoology and then share with each other in groups about our families.

The app is really great and has a lot of potential for adding extra fun stuff and other media (videos and audio too!). Sometimes it’s a little glitchy but overall a really great tool for learning.