With the introduction of iPads into Stage 3 in the Junior School it’s been a wonderful opportunity to explore the ways in which we can learn a language on a device and how to use the internet appropriately to find reliable language resources.

Over the past semester we have been learning about different types of cuisine around the world, and in the past few weeks we have been focusing on Chinese dishes we like eating. We then started to create our own menus. What would you like to eat if you went to a Chinese restaurant in China? Would there be English on the menu? How much do foods cost in China and what’s the Chinese yuan worth against the Australian dollar? So many questions to be answered from one epic activity!

After searching up our favourite Chinese dishes on the Yellow Bridge online dictionary we started to create our own menus using Book Creator App. We wrote the Chinese characters into our menus by typing the pinyin on our simplified Chinese keyboard. Then we designed the menu to be visually exciting. We had to even do a bit of maths to get the prices right for our menu, after all our restaurant was supposed to be in China.

The students were able to work at their own pace and level of ability. The task was differentiated in itself. Some students were able to write an entire comprehensive menu using both simplified and traditional characters (our native speakers), whilst others began searching online for beverages they might also like to include. Choose your own adventure. Some even looked up interesting Chinese dishes that they had never tried.

Students have submitted their menus to an assignment post on Schoology. The menus will be printed and hung on the wall in the Chinese classroom so we can admire each other’s work!