tExplorers is an opportunity to explore and share thoughts on all things technology! Students Learning and Sharing! (and staff learning alongside) We hope to create a number of opportunities for students to create and share all types of content and to participate in events and competitions. The aim is to run sessions each Monday lunchtime in the library where possible and to also have events outside of school time. Clubs like tExplorers are common in many schools and a great opportunity for students on so many fronts.

Session 1: The first session was run by a number of year 8 and 9 students that have been exploring joining a number of raspberry pis together to form a “super computer” (well it was super) The students pitched heir idea and what they were doing to the IT staff who then answered questions and ended up presenting a lesson on switches and networks as the students tried to get their computer onto the network. There were a number of takeaways from the students and we look forward to a follow-up session.

Session 2: A visit to the building’s server rooms. A school in a multistory city building is quite unique and sharing a number of resources with other occupants of the building is also quite unique. The opportunity to walk through the server room for the building and to hear about the setup and be able to ask questions from our IT manager Lyle Corvisy along with Michael Maggay was taken up by many and there was a lot of interest.

Session 3: “Hacking toys” – This provided an interesting conversation of what could be possible in making use of motors and features of existing toys and controlling these with Arduino and/or Raspberry Pis. A few videos were shown along with some thought provoking ideas. We are looking forward to the practicals for this session (and homework!)

Future sessions: It is challenging with short lunch times to be effective with our time but we are getting more idea each session of what could work well for us and what we would like to do. We look forward to providing more of our learning together soon with posts from the tExplorers. Stay Tuned!