It is always exciting when a group of students really want to share and help others. The Digital Arts Club is enabling that for many students. The club is set up for students to be able to meet together, share their work, explore options for creating art and graphics and help each other with techniques. There has been a variety of students come along so far to sessions and some amazing examples of work from in class and beyond. We are quickly realising that a short lunch break is not long enough!

The idea is that when a session is presented that the content can also be shared on the blog and in other places. We look forward to the Digital Art Club sharing some of their learning.

Planning: The initial sessions were with a small group looking at what would be the purpose of such a club and what kind of sessions would work well. Some posters were made up with examples of work and off we went!


Session 1: This session was led by Madi, Eva andMia. They did a fantastic job of showing some examples from their chosen app for the day Paper53. Stay tuned as they write a post on their Learning and how to get more out of Paper53. The girls spoke of why they loved the app and showed some amazing examples of work along with some simple techniques for using Paper53. Madi and Eva are writing up a page for Ppaer53 along with the review, examples of their work, techniques and a link to their sharing community where other users can rework their works and request pieces of work. Stay Tuned.

Session 2: It was quite a different group for the second session as music camp was on. the planned session had changed so we instead had a question and answer time and learnt a bit about vector graphics, the bezier curve and then onto preparing graphics for laser cutting. It was pretty cool all up so watch this space as we get our pages going for inkpad for simple learning to use vector graphics for free and then onto the power of iDraw (now called Graphic) for some seriously powerful options.

Stay Tuned: There is a lot to share so we hope to have a Digital Art and Graphics page with links to all the tips, tricks and techniques along with app and software recommendations = stay tuned.