Our iPad skills and focuses page goes into detail with ways that we will be using the iPad to “enhance and enrich” learning. The first round of the iPad Skills sessions are now complete for years 7, 6 and 5. The sessions also acted as a check in with setup and responsibilities and it was amazing how much content was covered!

We were really happy with the sessions and the feedback made it worthwhile.

I really liked the notability app info session. I like the pace we were going at, with looking at the whiteboard and seeing examples of new tricks; but then getting the opportunity to do the same and more on our own iPads. It also gave me some tips on other apps and the iPad in general not just notability. I learnt a lot and I think the skills learnt will help me in the future with using my iPad for assignments, note taking etc.
Gemma Year 7


I thought the iPad skills lesson was really helpful. All of the content made sense because it was explained really well. It was really helpful and I learnt many new tips and skills for notability and schoology. I thought everything I needed to know was covered so there was nothing else that I think needed to be included. I also really like the new styluses we got so thanks to Mr Kolbe for that.
Lucy – Year 7


The Session Goals and run sheet:

The first session served as a check in as well as a skill progression session. We wanted to model and use our school systems within the session to see all students were able to do it without problems. The content we covered is below.

Schoology and responsibilities:

  • Access and navigate Schoology for session materials. NOTE: this was a schoology introduction session for the JS students (see screenshot below)
  • Reminder of responsibilities Online

OneDrive saving accessing content:

  • Login to OneDrive App (Office365)
  • Create OneDrive folders for subjects + Personal
  • Move files between folders
  • A look at portal.office.com for access to all Office content online
  • Add OneDrive as a “resource” in Schoology – this allows you to submit straight from OneDrive into Schoology!

Notability APP:

  • Download Notability app.
  • Receive shiny new stylus to keep!
  • Download pre-created Notability file. See and download the file in context on our Notability Page – ENJOY!
  • Explore and learn about edits that are possible inside the app.
  • Create subject folders for organising Notes
  • Turn on iCloud Backup to make sure your work is backed up and accessible
  • Submit final file to your Schoology Assignment and OneDrive as a pdf This was just done by year 7 for now)

A screenshot from the content presented inside Schoology.

The sessions were enjoyable and the classes, on the whole seemed to be looking forward to the upcoming sessions in the iPad Skills progression.

Stay Tuned! Exciting times ahead.