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Content and updates for bit.ly can now be found on our bit.ly page.

bit.ly is web 2.0 tool which you can use to shorten lengthy URLs and store them all in one place ready for easy use. The tool also allows you to collect data from bitlys you have created to see how many people are accessing your link. If you create an account at bit.ly you will be able to store all the links you have shortened.

Using bit.ly in the classroom

Shortening links have many benefits in the classroom:

  • No more mistakes when typing URLs to the browser
  • Personalise links so that students can easily identify what site the link is send them to
  • Observe how often the URL is being access and how

Using bit.ly in the office

Shortening links can have benefits in the office as well:

  • Embed links into news letters which are more appropriately named
  • Use the bit.ly data to determine how successful your link is within your target audience
  • Store frequently used links in one place which can be copied and used at anytime
  • Personalise links to include organsiation/school name

How to get started with bit.ly

Tips and Tricks

  • Often short links will be used, try to personalise your links so that they connect with your audience
  • Create links that are easy to remember
  • Create bit.ly links for commonly used websites to save time in the classroom