oie_transparent (14)What is TodaysMeet?

TodaysMeet is a digital classroom which allows students to comment on topics ‘twitter’ style with only 140 characters. The online tool gives every student a voice in the classroom. The great park is that the classroom you create is private, only students and staff who you give your class code to will have access to your ‘Meet’.

Using TodaysMeet in the Classroom

TodaysMeet can be used for many ways in the classroom from a formative assessment tool to classroom discussion and exam practice.

  •  Begin a unit of work to gauge students’ background knowledge on the current topic
  •  Assess students understanding of the content previously taught
  • Create a forum for student voice – get them to voice their opinion on articles, images and sources
  • Develop short answer exam technique with senior students as they are limited to 140 characters

How to get started with TodaysMeet

Tips and Tricks

  • Use one room for various classes to compare or collaborate ideas across various classrooms
  • Identify with students what makes a good post – concise words and to the point etc
  • Encourage students to learn from other students in the class by peer assessing their responses and reflecting on their own to allow for improvements
  • Allow students to make secondary posts if they feel the could write a better post/answer
  • Get creative and make students use hashtags # to identify key words or terms that could relate to the question or topic