Mail Merge
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Content and updates for Mail Merge can now be found on our Mail Merge page.

What is Mail Merge?

The term ‘mail merge’ refers to the process of creating personalised letters, mailing envelopes or mass mailing labels to form a letter which has been created in Microsoft Word. Mail Merging allows us to keep the letter/content the same but change the name and address of whom the letter has been sent to.

Using Mail Merge in the Office

You may think that with student management systems, such as Edumate that we no longer need to Mail Merge. How ever at the end of the day these systems aren’t able to be personally addressed to each parent, student, community member etc, instead we would just sent out a mass email. Below are some of the ways you can use mail merging in the office.

  • Sending out personalised emails to large numbers of people
  • Creating personal name and address labels
  • Envelope address
  • Personal letters and invitations
  • Emailing flyers

How to set up a Mail Merge

Tips and Tricks

  • Don’t save the mail merge at the end as it will lock the excel spreadsheet to the current letter, save the letter as a PDF if it is needed again
  • The quality of the mail merge depends on how accurate you input into the excel spreadsheet i.e separate columns for each part of the address
  • Once a mail merge has started you cannot edit the spreadsheet – you must start the mail merge again if there needs to be data added to the spreadsheet