On the Second day of Christmas my Tekky gave to me…

One great option to Take Notes.


We have a few great options for taking handwritten notes on iPads with OneNote, PDF expert and Notability. Notability inks fantastically and is great for notetaking and graphics. It backs up and is a great option for notetaking. It is proving to be the “go to” app for note taking for many, be it inking with a stylus or typing text. You can annotate notes and images easily, the inking capabilities are excellent with plenty of options. Earlier this Semester year 7 also explored ways to create their own images (just like the one above) using notability. Year 9 students found that using Notability for creating their own images to use for their Tri Fold Brochures made their projects personalised and more vibrant than coping images from the internet.

Notes can be saved into folders within the app and backed up to your iCloud – or even better, Synchronise the notes to your OneDrive!

With only 11 teaching days left the Notability app is a great way to introduce note taking and annotation to students in preparation for next year. Check out all the tips and tricks for Notability here…


Don’t forget to comment on the Notability page to tell us how you used Notability in your classroom

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