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Why should we use Technology to redefine pedagogy in PDHPE?

Technology has become an integral part of today’s classroom. However, much like the hype that goes with the release of a new iPhone or Garmin, as teachers we often get caught up in the release of “new” apps which are promised to “enhance” the learning experiences for our students. While such apps may engage our students they are more than often merely replacing something that we are already doing that is effective and time conscious with something laden with bells and whistles which often takes a lot more time to use with similar outcomes.

The key is to think about how can you use technology to redefine tasks. How can we as teachers create a task that could not have previously been done without technology, or increase a tasks capacity to allow students to apply higher order thinking using technology.

PDHPE Apps Tool Kit

It seems that each day a new app comes out that has something to do with physical activity or health – this is great for our profession, however the challenge is choosing applications that are cost effective, subject mutual and have the capacity to redefine. This list of applications is simply an ‘essentials’ list to get you started. It is important to choose applications that meet the needs of your teaching programs, students and school.

Formative Assessment

Technology has allowed teachers to increase the use and effectiveness of formative assessment. Where we were once restricted to questioning or buzz quizzes to collect data regarding our students understanding, we are now presented with many Formative assessment tools which can give us immediate feedback on a students progress and understanding.

It is essential that this data be used to differentiate lesson content or reflect on teaching and learning programs in order to cater to specific student or year group needs in the future.

Redefining with SAMR

The SAMR model is a tool we can use as educators to assist us to embed technology into teaching and learning. The tool is a great reflection tool for you to assess the capacity of technology to enhance learning outcomes within a lesson or task.

Mystery Box Challenge

When trying to redefine a task or lesson, at times we need to use more than one technology tool in order to promote an effective learning environment which promotes redefinition of tasks and higher order thinking. The Mystery Box Challenge is an excellent pedagogical tool to deliver content which is student driven, promotes higher order thinking, group work and redefines simple tasks using a combination of technology and traditional teaching methods. The concept is simple – present the students with a box full of QR codes, scaffolds, links etc. Students are to follow the instructions given in order to finish the task. You can write the task on the box, use LMS or colour/number QR codes so that students complete each task in order of scanning the code.