On Saturday I am giving a workshop on formative assessment at the NSW History Teacher’s Association Conference.  I had planned a PowerPoint, butcher’s paper, sticky notes and texts. I wanted my participants to think, discuss and most importantly collaborate. Then I found out that I had 70 participants in a lecture theatre.

How was I going to run this workshop because seriously while I can talk no one wants to listen to 50 mins of me on current thinking in formative assessment?

So thanks to a bit of quick thinking and Rolfe’s tutoring I am having a go using the online collaborative tools of TodaysMeet and Padlet. I am not a tech head or a luddite but somewhere in between. I am a time poor teacher who wants to engage the kids I teach. I also really want a mechanism where all students, respond so that they are engaged, can learn from each other and I can see where there are gaps.

TodaysMeet.com is like a closed Twitter account where people can succinctly share their views using 127 characters. I am going to ask people to share their ideas on assessment. (Read more on our TodaysMeet Page)

Padlet is like an electronic whiteboard where people can share their ideas. What I like is that you can as a teacher can then comment on their work. I hope to use it as a forum where 70 people share their ideas about how they share learning intentions. https://padlet.com/

The links to the rooms and presentation were also shortened and customised to be easily typable for access. We used bit.ly which worked really well.

Of course participants will be able to contribute through twitter #htasc15 which allows collaboration to occur outside of the conference. I will be tweeting as @thufton

It will be interesting to see how it goes but I am determined to give it a go.