Experience Year 7 evening this year is huge and Learning Technologies will feature with examples of embedded tools and techniques within lessons.

Four stations are in operation as people move around observing, asking questions and having a go at with a couple of tools themselves. the focuses are content creation, collaboration within a number of topic areas and using a range of tools.

Station One – “In the News”

Students will be using Green Screening techniques to make a news item about Gallipoli. Green Screening is the technique where users can superimpose themselves on a background of images or video read more on our Green Screening for Learning page.

Station Two – “Mathematiclips”

Using a series of apps to make short maths explanation videos. Students will be creating short video explanations of concepts that they are using in maths. The main apps used here are Explain Everything and Notability. Both are very powerful. Check out the respective pages with examples, tutorials and tips and tricks for using Explain Everything for Learning and Notability for Learning

Station Three – Collaboration

This station is highlighting some of the tools for collaboration. Students this year have started using accounts for Office365. This has enabled a whole lot of options for storage, access, sharing and collaboration across all devices and online. Students will be demonstrating the use of these tools as they explore a topic and collaboratively build a presentation using PowerPoint online. Check out the early edits of our Office 365 pages for more detail.

Station Four – Exploration

This station is set up with some of the shared iPads from the Junior school class sets and has an aim of letting users experience a few of the options on hand and see some of the apps that are on these iPads. Users can experiment with some of the apps themselves including making use of a green screen to “make themselves make believe!”

NOTE: The first planned scope and sequence for enhancing learning with technology kicks off in term two this year with year 7. It involves an organised series of lessons within subject areas that is intended to make sure all of our students are able to do the tasks required within class as well as learning new skills and techniques. The lessons are structured to make sure our weaker users are supported and trained while our stronger users have the opportunity to extend. Clicking around this site will see examples of the type of work that we hope to achieve.