This week we will explore ways to make more efficient use of your iPad – not necessarily a ‘beginners session’ but more a session on the essentials to set up your iPad with everyday use tools and ensure it is up to date.

Apps and “AirWatch”

Many issues with apps on their iPad are due to apps and operating systems not being up to date. Keep your apps and operating system up to date to avoid this. AirWatch is the Mobile Device Management software that is used at SACS. It allows settings like mail and

AirWatch is the Mobile Device Management software that is used at SACS. It allows settings like mail and wifi to be sent out to students and it allows students and staff  to have paid and free apps on offer via the “App Catalogue” instead of using the iTunes store. When requested, an app is added to AirWatch which then makes it available to the appropriate groups that need it via the app catalogue.
NOTE: If there is an app that you would like to be put in the SACS Staff app please let the Learning Technologies Team know.


Apple App Store

You can also use the Apple App Store to download applications onto your iPad. This might be the case when you are downloading apps that you like to use that are not on the catalogue or free apps that you just prefer to get straight from the app store.

A few tips for using the Apple App Store:

  1. Check the Apple App Store regularly to see what updates are available or just set your device to auto-update apps. Often app updates will include substantial improvements but occasionally the update can be broken and the app crashes. Usually, this will be fixed with an app update-update!! soon after.
  2. Use the app store to browse apps for teaching and learning – talk to the Learning Technologies Team about any apps that you feel will be beneficial to enhance your teaching practices. We may already have one on AirWatch that does a similar job or we can get the app put into the SACS Staff app for you and your students.



Projecting your iPad wirelessly allows you to be mobile in the classroom and therefore having greater interaction with your audience as well as helping with classroom management and keeping a check on if students are on task.

Being mobile in the classroom means you can click, play and create from anywhere in the room.

Access more information and ideas on our Mobility Page
NOTE: If you would like to use Airserver in the classroom then yell out and we will get you a licence.



Notability is still in the lead when it comes to personal notetaking with handwritten and typed content along with images and links. It’s simplicity and inking capabilities means it is user friendly for all operators and a great app for learning applications.

Notability allows the creation of written and typed documents, meaning you can annotate existing documents, complete worksheets and forms and submit or email from within the app. Students love to use it as a tool to complete work and submit work (via Schoology as a pdf document in our case)

It is a great tool for all levels of iPad users and has some amazing features for those who wish to get creative.

Check out Notability page here with ideas for learning, a tutorial, tips and tricks and ideas for going further!


The wrap!

Updating apps, mobility and notability are some very simple yet efficient ways to begin or continue to develop your iPad usage. If you would like to learn more about mobility and how you can set it up do not hesitate to ask your Learning Technologies team.

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