Welcome to the first Tekky Brekky for 2015. The concept of Tekky Brekky is to allow us to deliver effective professional development to staff in the areas of ICT integration. The sessions will vary each week exploring a range of current and trending technologies to enhance teaching and learning practices. As we progress we will vary our modes of delivery from your Learning Technologies team to guest visits and teach meet style presentations. Our aim is to help you grasp new technologies with more confidence and expand your teaching and learning practices with the use of technology.

Missed a session or want to re visit the content delivered? All you need to do is visit the Tekky Brekky page. We will record all of our sessions in a blog post which will be accessible during and after the session for you to easily access content and resources.

Today’s session is all about getting the most from your Office365 OneDrive to enhance teaching and learning. We will explore the following concepts in relation to your personal OneDrive:

  • Syncing your documents – setting up a local folder on your desktop
  • Saving Word, Excel, PowerPoint or One Note files to your OneDrive
  • Collaborating files with staff and or students using


Syncing Your Documents

To access your files offline or from your desktop you can ‘sync’ your online folder to your laptop or computer.

Visit your personal OneDrive and copy the hyperlink.


From your desktop right click the ‘cloud’ and select ‘sync new library’

Paste the hyperlink previously copied from your OneDrive and select ‘sync now’


Your online files are now accessible from your libraries – listed on the left hand side in favorites. If you would like this folder accessible from your desktop, simply drag it across to the desktop. Anything you save to this folder will be accessible from any device, anywhere, anytime – where you have internet connection by logging into your OneDrive.

Saving To OneDrive

Instead of saving to the ‘p drive’,  ‘my documents’ or ‘desktop’ you can now save any document to your ‘OneDrive’.

To save a document to your Onedrive select the ‘save as’ option then double click on OneDrive – St Andrew’s Cathedral School.

Word 1


You will be prompted with the regular save as options – select the folder in which you wish to save your file, name the file and select ‘save’.

saving 2


Sharing Files for Collaboration

Using your Office 365 files for collaboration is where the real magic is! You can share your files with staff and students to work on documents together. Some of the uses of collaborative documents are (but not limited to):

  • Faculty planning and programming
  • Editing student responses
  • Note taking
  • Class projects
  • Group Work

Today we will explore the power of using a OneNote file to allow students to collaborate their knowledge.

In a demonstration lesson with year 7 PDHPE students scanned QR codes which sent them to websites with content in which they had to implement visual thinking skills in order to develop a OneNote page within a small group. The students were given the OneNote template and then created their own questions, researched their own content with the QR codes and edited their page together. This file was made with 18 students and one teacher working on the file throughout the whole lesson!

onenote (1)


  1. Have a go at opening a OneNote file from Office 3652
  2. Create a Notebook for a class you currently teach e.g. 7.1 Science3
  3. Insert a section for each lesson you are going to study within the termlesson1
  4. Insert a page for the lesson content                       content
  5. Insert a page for students to ask questions                                                     know
  6. Insert a page for students to add content – e.g. you tube clips etc.further viewing
  7. Once you have set up your Notebook you can create a link to edit the file by clicking share in the top right of the pagesave as
  8. Once you have copied the link share it as a resource on your schoology class pageschoolink

This is just one very simple way to set up a OneNote file to share with your students – the capabilities are endless!

Ask your learning Technologies team to help you explore ways to include it in your teaching and learning practices!

Now go and get Tekky!!!

– The Brekky Tekky