As you read this you realise that this is the first post in a new blog. WELCOME! Now there is nothing new about blogging, we are not venturing into a brave new world but we hope that this blog can be of use to many. It would probably be best if the first post explained why we created the blog and what we hope the blog will become.

Why An Overarching Learning Blog?

Blogging certainly can be powerful and positive and we look forward to using our new blog to share some of our collective thoughts and resources.

This blog is set to be an overarching learning blog to give us the chance to share content across curriculum areas as well as looking at general teaching and learning themes and practices and highlighting options for effectively using technology in learning.

We hope will grow over time and encompass a whole lot of learning focus content. It will no doubt take on many forms but primarily it is set up as:

  • a place to share and broadcast content publicly
  • a launch pad for professional learning and training for staff, students, parents, community and an others that come across it!
  • a platform to promote and support initiatives like the “Sydney Learning Festival” (more on this soon!)

We wish for it to be a bold and useful site and we hope it gets used effectively. Stay Tuned and return frequently as we aim to get lots of material on here.

So What About Blogging?

A page has also been created to explore what blogging is, how to use it for learning and then some tips tricks and techniques for getting going. – Check out the Blogging page for all this detail.

In relation to blogging at St Andrew’s, there has already been quite a bit of blogging, but there has been nothing tying it all together and no archive or index of blogs. Each blog so far has been created manually by students or staff so we wanted to be able to scale blogging sustainably at a number of levels.

Subsequently a “multi site wordpress” install has been set up to enable:

  • consistent, unrestricted, fully optioned, self hosted WordPress blogs
  • access via our school username and password
  • one “directory” page for all the blogs at

This should enable us to get to the task at hand and we should see a range of blogs in the upcoming months including the likes of:

  • Junior School Blogs eg. then class blogs as a category of these eg 6Y as a “category” of Year 6 to essentially mimic a sub-site.
  • Tour Blogs – eg. drama tour i.e.
  • Subject blogs eg.
  • Individual blogs! Later on!

Hopefully we can report it all to be a success in the upcoming months. Keep an eye on it and stay tuned to see the content come about.