12 Days of Christmas Tekky

Its that time of the year – believe it or not, we only have 12 teaching days left for 2015! And thus I present to you the 2015 12 days of Christmas Tekky!

Each day the Tekky will release a Tekky tool which is inline with our iPad Scope and Sequence – something to help you with your planning over the summer break. Even better – get your Tekky on in the final 12 days of school and give some of these tools a go.

Prizes are up for Grabs!

Each day stylus’ will be rewarded for the following:

  • Best comment left on the blog post for that day (you can comment at the bottom of the post) – remember to make your feedback constructive – even better tell us about your experience with your use of the Tekky.
  • The best tweet displaying use of the Tekky – you must tag @SACSLearn  and #12daysoftekky

On the 12th day of Christmas 2 grand prizes will be rewarded to the two most avid users of the 12 days of Christmas Tekky (K-12 and Admin!)

Get involved team, Be #Awesome and have a go at using the Tekky to consolidate learning in the final 12 days for your students!

Each day the Tekky will release a new tool for you – Check them out below by clicking on the days of Christmas!

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  1. Dominique Haynes

    Looking forward to trying some of the ones I haven’t used before in 2016! Watch out kids 🙂

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